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Employer Options

To ensure employers have the broadest range of choices, the selection of one of three options is available.

1 Employer-Based Training

This component allows laid-off workers who qualify for UI benefits to simultaneously receive on-site workplace training and regular UI benefits. This component is also available to other targeted populations. It provides a special training allowance up to a maximum of $599. Job seekers would be required to train 24 hours per week up to six weeks while continuing regular work search.

Business Services Representatives in the Nevada JobConnect offices will be responsible for developing training sites and completion of all the forms for the employer and the participant. There is no cost to the employer.

2 On-The-Job Training

Under this component, employers enter into a contract that establishes the agreed upon wage, number of hours to master the tasks, and the maximum amount of reimbursement based on the wage paid. Employers will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 50 percent of the participant’s initial agreed upon gross wage for the contract period and a maximum of 40 hours a week. Contract length will be based on the time estimated to complete the needed training. Employers will submit a monthly timesheet/invoice/progress report to receive reimbursement.

3 Incentive-Based Employment

This component supports employers who hire and retain eligible individuals in full-time employment (30 hours or more per week) by providing a wage and training subsidy based on the total amount of time the qualified individual remains actively employed. Upon completion and satisfaction of certain requirements, the employer may receive a wage retention supplement – on average up to $2,000 – payable in four equal increments of $500 after each 30 days of successful employment, up to 120 days. The Employer Agreement outlines the role and responsibility of the employer to the employee and is signed by both the employer and the agency representative.

For more information about which option is best for your business,
contact the Nevada JobConnect Business Service Office.

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